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Hello Everyone! I have had this blog for years now, and as my personal life has changed, so have my tastes and eating habits...for the better!! I am now a fully plant-based eater, so my newer recipes will reflect this lifestyle and way of eating.

All of my old recipes will remain on my food blog, of course, so there will be a mixture of the old and the new for everyone to look through and choose. You can always play around with any recipe out there and make it your own, whether it's plant-based or not. There are always other options!
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Healthy Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

YES, this cheesecake really does taste just like the full-fat version! I was so surprised when I tasted it. VERY yummy! I'll be honest, I like a traditional graham cracker crust better than this Melba toast version, but I'll stick with the original recipe, since that's how I made it. Doing it over, I would use a graham cracker base, though.

15 plain Melba toasts (not Melba 'snacks')
2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
2 Tbs sugar

14 oz. reduced-fat cream cheese
1 cup sugar
2 1/2 cups low-fat or non-fat plain Greek yogurt (I use FAGE)
7 large egg whites
1 tsp cinnamon

To prepare crust:
Boil a kettle of water for water bath (~7-8 cups). Coat a 10-inch spring-form pan with no-stick cooking spray. Tightly wrap the bottom and outside of the pan with a double layer of foil. Preheat oven to 325.

Crush the Melba toasts to crumbs and put in a bowl. Add oil and sugar. Mix until evenly moist. Press crumb base into the bottom of the pan and bake until lightly browned (~10 minutes). Let cool for ~30 minutes.

To prepare cheesecake:
Beat cream cheese and 1 cup sugar in a large bowl with mixer until smooth. Add yogurt, egg whites, and cinnamon and beat until well-blended. Pour over crust.

Place the cheesecake in a roasting pan and pour enough boiling water to come 1 inch up the side of the spring-form pan. Bake cheesecake in the center of the oven until it's set around the edges but the center still jiggles (~45 minutes). Turn off the oven and let the cheesecake sit in the oven with the door ajar for 1 hour. Let it cool on a wire rack for another hour (I KNOW....torture, right?).

I topped my cheesecake with cherry filling and fresh blueberries, but I normally like it just as it is. You know how you like your cheesecake, so make it your own and enjoy! 

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  1. Now really....Is that Healthy or are you just saying that???? Because from here...it looks sinful and Yes, I would be willing to SIN and then repent after the fact :-)

  2. It really is a much healthier version of cheesecake, and it really does taste JUST like the real thing. Trust me! I'm really, really picky about my cheesecake. Like I said, I didn't love the Melba toast crust, so I would definitely use a graham cracker crust next time, but the filling is awesome! Using the fat-free FAGE really takes away a lot of the calories and fat! =)

  3. you can also use a low cal/low fat graham cracker

  4. this is the best cheesecake ever!!